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Stop Rodents & Rats entering your Drains

Rats are an unpleasant but common visitor to your home. 

One of the most common ways for rats to enter homes are through drains and pipes.

Rat Flaps are an affordable permanent solution to stopping rodents from entering your property via the sewers or drains.

The Ratflap does what traditional rat-control interventions do not: it stops the rats before they enter your workplace or home and prevents them from ever becoming a serious problem.

Rat in toilet drains

Our Rat Flaps (also known as rat valves, rat blockers or rat stoppers) offer a:

  • A quick solution, as an alternative to poison and traps, as a lot of time and money can be spent laying poison and traps. Also a dead rat in your drainage system can produce terrible smells.

  • An humane alternative to rid your property of rodents

  • An immediate solution to rat infestations under floor boards, in walls or attic, as rats do return to the sewer for getting food (usually every day) and then are blocked from returning to your property

  • High-quality product that will last a lifetime, made from stainless steel supporting the circular economy

  • Prevent rodents from entering without restricting the efficacy of your drains.

Dangers of a Rat Infestation

A rat infestation can be dangerous. To both people and your property.

Rats carry numerous diseases. Which humans can contract by having contact with their urine. Firstly, by direct contact. Secondly, by ingesting contaminated food. Thirdly, by inhaling dust contaminated with urine.

Rats can also cause significant property damage. Rats continuously gnaw to shape their teeth. They gnaw on pretty much anything metal, wood, concrete and even glass, expensive problems occur when they start to gnaw through pipes and cables. Therefore causing floods and fires.

Rat damage toilet
How the RATFLAP works:

The Ratflap works by blocking off sewage pipe access to rats from the outside while still permitting the free flow of water and waste from the inside.

The Ratflap fits snugly into your water or sewer pipe. Its steel flap opens when fluids need to flow freely into the sewer, but until then, the flap remains closed and prohibits rodents from entering.

Quite simply, fluid flows out, but rats can’t get in.

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