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Bad Drain Smells

If your bathroom or kitchen sink smells of rotten eggs or sewage, you are not alone. Drain smells in your home are a common problem and never pleasant.

So what causes the stench?                               It could be down to something as simple as a bacteria build up. This is most common in kitchens, where rotting food or cooking oil that's been flushed down the sink can get trapped in the pipes. Arrange to get your drains cleaned, we have high pressure water jetting equipment and sink cleaning machines to clear any bacteria build up.


In bathrooms, hair might be washed down the plughole, which could result in a blockage and eventually cause a smell.

In addition, many drains are lacking a soil vent pipe (SVP). SVPs are great because they provide another route for bad smells to go, diverting them away from your rooms - so the solution could be as easy as getting one of these installed by one of our plumber.

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smell drains.jpg

If you’re smelling a sewage scent from your drains, you may have an empty P-trap. This nasty smell is typically found in bathrooms when sinks, baths or showers aren’t used very often. The simple solution to this whiffy problem is to use them more often. Constant use of your sink, bath or shower will stop the P-trap from emptying, making it harder for pungent odours to rise.

We can also provide camera surveys or your drains and pipes to see what could be causing any smells from your drains, such as a broken or cracked pipe.

Drain Surgeons can provide odour tracing, we will find and fix the problem

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