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CCTV Camera Drain Surveys

It can be hard to pinpoint the cause of repeated drain blockages or smells, get a clear picture of what's going on inside your drains and pipes and find out the condition of your drains.
Drain Surgeons state of the art cctv camera surveying equipment clearly shows you the inside of your drains and identifies what is causing your drainage problems.

Upon completion of a camera survey, a report will be issued detailing the condition of the pipes and any defects found. Solutions will be offered to fix any problems and ensure your drains are free-flowing quickly and efficiently.

When do you need a CCTV drain survey?

When you get repeated drain blockages, to avoid ongoing drainage issues. Blockages, overflowing wastewater or unexplained smells? A CCTV drain survey will quickly reveal the cause of the problem.


Homebuyer drain survey is a vital part of a house purchase.   A pre purchase house drain survey prior to purchasing can save expensive headaches further down the line.


Councils require CCTV drain surveys prior to taking housing estates in charge from builders.

CCTV drain surveys are vital in helping to avoid major future problems, by spotting issues before they become serious.

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