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Drain Unblocking 

If your toilet is blocked or draining slowly, it’s important to get it fixed by an expert drainage technician as soon as possible.  Not only can a blocked toilet lead to nasty smells and odours in your home, but it could also cause other problems within the drainage system, such as overflowing wastewater which can attract rodents.

No matter your drainage problem,

Drain Surgeons’s expert technicians are available 24/7, 365 days a year to put things right.

We will ensure your drains are free-flowing quickly and efficiently, with minimum cost and disruption.

Drain Surgeons is available to clear blocked drains in Dublin, clean drains in Wicklow, unblock drains in Louth, drain cleaning in Kildare, unblocking toilets in Wexford and unblocking sinks in Meath.

Call us today to discuss your drainage issues and how we can help.

Drain Surgeons uses high pressure water jets to remove blockages and get rid of any build-up of debris, fats, oils and grease to maintain a healthy drainage system.

Our jetting engineers are fully trained with 20+ years of experience in assessing and resolving all sorts of blocked drains and pipes including underground drainage pipes and cast iron drainage pipes. 

We can also use cameras to see the cause of your drainage issues or assess if there are any structural defects.

Call us today to discuss your drainage issues and how we can help.

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