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Drain Relining

If your drainage system is weak, damaged or leaking, Drain Surgeons can provide a full drain relining and drain patching service that will restore the flow and integrity of your drain pipes. This will save you money and minimise disruption compared to ground excavation and pipe replacement.

We can provide a no dig UV drain relining service across Ireland. This UV drain relining system uses revolutionary LED green technology that protects our environment by using less power and less energy to cure.

In situ no-dig technology can save 60% on cost, compared to excavating drains. Sometimes the only solution in busy cities is drain relining in Dublin, Cork, Galway.

We can reline pipes as small as 80mm/3 inch and go up to 600mm / 23 inch. Pipe lenghts of up to 200 metres can be relined in one run.

Our system is designed to be used in both horizontal and vertical pipes. Most laterals are horizontal, although building rehabilitation frequently involve vertical piping.

We can reline pvc pipes, concrete pipes, earthenware and cast iron pipes.

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